✓Lightning Fast Octa-Core Processor
✓13 MP Camera & 8MP front Camera
✓BREAKTHROUGH Encrypted Kosher OS
✓3.54″ Touch Screen
✓Waze Navigation
✓Long Lasting 1800 MAH Battery
✓64GB Memory + 4GB RAM
✓Simultaneous On-Screen + t9 Keyboard


✓Lightning Fast Octa-Core Processor
✓8 MP Camera & 2MP front Camera
✓BREAKTHROUGH Encrypted Kosher OS
✓2.83″ Touch Screen
✓Waze Navigation
✓2 Long Lasting 1450 MAH Batteries 
✓32GB Memory + 3GB RAM
✓Simultaneous On-Screen + t9 Keyboard


Streamline your life with this LG Classic Flip phone. The classic clamshell design provides a simple, easy-to-use interface and essential functionality without the complexities of modern smartphones. This LG Classic Flip phone gives you the best of modern and classic design with a 2MP camera and media players.


The Kyocera Cadence is a responsive flip phone, which makes texting easier by offering a selection of up to 9 words to scroll between while typing the words. The screen on the outside allows the user to get a glimpse about the call or text without needing to flip the phone open.

The price includes a $30 TAG block, preinstalled!


The LG Exalt has a modern, minimalist design marries style and practicality. The sturdy, flip-open body protects the screen, and big, tactile buttons make it easy to use and dial.


Options include compatible with Verizon off-brands.
Phone has the browser disabled, and has email, Waze, and typical apps which are included in kosher smartphones.


A browser free device which has just Waze. Connects to your car’s screen via Android Auto.

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